Waterslide decal is a sticker, intended for decorating objects in an indirect printing method. While using water and special paper,  the image is transferred onto a desired surface: natural or painted metal (bicycle frames, rims, helmets etc.), carbon parts (ski sticks, Nordic Walking Sticks, paddles etc.).

Our decoration solutions:
• Water slide decals above clear coat;
• Water slide decals under clear coat;
• Low temperature decals for carbon;
• Dimensional 3D decals;
• Heat resistant non-film transfer;
• Vinyl stickers;
• Painting mask.

Decals work perfectly with these surfaces:
• Plain or painted metals;
• Anodized or painted aluminum;
• Sandblasted aluminum;
• Carbon;
• Painted or varnished wood;
• Glass;
• Various plastic.

Decals can be applied on Metal Carbon Plastic Glass Wood Ceramic

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