Waterslide decal is a sticker, intended for object decoration in an indirect printing method, when, using water and special paper image is transferred onto a desired surface.

   Our decoration solutions:

      » Water transfer decals above clear coat;
      » Water transfer decals under clear coat;
      » Low temperature decals for carbon;
      » Dimensional 3D decals;
      » Vinyl stickers.
   Decals work perfectly with these surfaces:

      » Plain or painted metals; 
      » Anodized or painted aluminum; 
      » Sandblasted aluminum;
      » Carbon;
      » Painted or varnished wood;
      » Glass;
      » Ceramics;
      » Various plastic.

The price of decal depends on its purpose, quantity, size, color range and existence/nonexistence of special effects. If you wish to find out more about decals, their types, usage and price, please send us your inquiry, providing as detailed as possible description of what you desire your product to be.

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