The new water transfer RECONNECTION takes things one step further. It seamlessly integrates into your design and can be customized after application. Powerfull tool for brands to reconnect with their customers and inform about their product environmental qualities. Tap into the new world of fashion possibilities with Laurema!

The benefits of smart 



• Powerful wireless brand-customer communication tool

• Seamless engagement between brands and customers

• A tool to showcase product environmental qualities

• Brand authenticity identification

• Brings the brand closer to its customers

• An instrument to achieve higher efficiency

• Personalizable for the brand or end user

• Can be used for automation

• Revolutionizing the way people dress

• App/online content

• Marketing

• Avoid additional tags

• Engage customers

• Loyalty program

For every 1000 transfers ordered, a tree will be planted to neutralize carbon - a great way to help the environment.

The forest is a value, an integral part of the life and identity of many Lithuanians, a symbol of ecology, and the lungs of the earth. Its preservation, restoration and development is the personal responsibility of each of us, a contribution to a clean future for the environment.

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